2020 is dominated by pandemics, elections, political juices, protests and the economic crisis. | News Univision Elections in EUEU 2020

In retrospect, 2020 is as our hobbies impacted a comet, as rapid and violent as our reality. It has been a long time since we have seen the antiquities of the coronavirus, as well as the sentiments of what polarized the country is and how many things we are – and we are very grateful to be – our neighbors agree with the banner.

It began with a political plot, the political juiciness of President Donald Trump. I read the pandemic, which changes the dynamics of the elections to our daily routine, and ends with a political division more agile than any, with the mandate assigning the confidence of a large sector of the government and the alcohol system. hersmaker su derrota en las urnas.

We will record some of the most important highlights of 2020 to contextualize this critical moment for the country: