Rubilio Castillo ‘aterrizó’ in Marathon and Motagua from the first golfer in the idea of ​​the semifinals – Diez

Motagua borró a Marathón y lo aterrizó. Hector Vargas’s did not make it to the waterfall of the team that was parked at the Olympics last week. The ones that made it to the semi-finals were a solo team, the ones from Diego, who dominated the duel that won 2-0 and the day with a draw for the winner of the series.

A double from Rubilio Castillo was more than enough to get rid of the cloud on Monstruo that came alive and celebrated through the goalpost to Olympia in the group final. An infantry pencil by Bryan Jhonson that puts the pelota in the air in the balancing style and a cassava casserole of Castillo across the center of Emilio, the door to the sale of the capital.


Entering the game, the porter of Motagua, Jonathan Rougier does not work, the delanteros verdolagas se mantuvieron lejos del area. Cosa contraria vivió Denovan Torres que tuvo que salvar su portería en tres oportunidades claras que avoit la goleada.

The players of Motagua celebrate the second annotation of Rubilio Castillo ante Marathon. Photo by Alex Pérez

Rubilio commences token puerta temprano, tuvo dos cabezazos claros que fueron a las manos de Torres. These are notices that some people love to come. Corría took the minute 39 when Bryan Jhonson touched the pelota with the mano, the juvenile Melvin Matamoros, not dudó and sanctioned the maximum pen that was transformed by Castillo de magistral.


This goal is won by the defensive ideals that the Monroe has, he knows that the podium will not open to the azules with the game of two tales of Galvaliz and Martínez, combined with the speed of Kevin López and Rubilio Castillo, could end as las vueltas cuando se fueron vapuleados 4-0.

The technical team of the Motagua team led by Diego Vázquez, celebrates the triathlon on Marathon. Photos Alex Pérez

Terminó the first time and the gloves of Rougier were as the bag of the ball, without any success. Edwin Solani did not appear in the area, Marlon “Machuca” Ramírez intended to be well-informed by Meléndez and Decas that he had a good duel in the saga.

In addition, the party followed the same scheme, dominating the premises. Diego hizo ingresar Emilio Izaguirre, player of colmillo and experience and in the first action that tuvo, ganó line of fund to Carlos Perdomo, sent a center with precision to the cabeza of Rubilio Castillo, quien la martilló a la izquierda de Denovan Torres. Impossible talk and with that the sentence was dropped.

The marathon runner, Selvin Guevara, made the best of the game, with his ingress creepy. Photos Alex Pérez

Now everything to define the domino in San Pedro Sula. Marathon needed to win by three goals to reach the final and look for the champion. To prevail on different differences, empathize with the series and define directly from penalties, then in this instance of the tournament the position in the table.


MOTAGUA (2): Jonathan Rougier, Omar Elvir, Wesly Decas, Cristhopher Meléndez, Marcelo Santos; Héctor Castellanos, Walter Martínez, Matías Galvaliz, Kevin López; Gonzalo Klusener and Rubilio Castillo. DT Diego Vázquez.

MARATHON (0): Denovan Torres, Luis Vega, Mathías Techera, Bryan Jhonson, John Paul Suazo; Luis Garrido, Allan Banegas, Kervin Arriaga, Marlon Ramírez, Edwin Solani and Bruno Volpi. DT Héctor Vargas.

GOLE: Rubilio Castillo (min. 40 j min. 70)

Marathon: Salió: Marlon Ramírez by Yaudel Lahera (min.54), salió: Jhon Paul Suazo by Carlos Pedromo (min.54), salió: Allan Banegas by Selvin Guevara (min.54), sali: Luis Vega by Cristian Moreira (min. 64) and sally Edwin Solani by Ryduan Palermo (min.78).

Motagua: Salió: Gonzalo Klusener by Marco Tulio Vega (min.71), salió: Matías Galvaliz by Emilio Izaguirre (min.71), sali Rubilio Castillo by Roberto Moreira (min.80), sali: Kevin López by Félix Crisanto (min.80) ).

Marathon: Mathías Techera (16), Marlon Ramírez (24), Carlos Perdomo (72).