Google Maps Street View takes privacy seriously as it maintains ‘dignity’ in funny dog ​​photos Travel News | Travel

Google Maps Street View is a fascinating service that allows users to see all sorts of intriguing things worldwide. People are often caught in an embarrassing or unusual position by Street View cameras. However, it is not always people who are caught like that.

The one is black and white and can be seen on the road.

However, the other animal was cut during an awkward move.

The dog is on the green grass, just by the curb.

It looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere.


The brown dog squatted slightly as he pointed down the street.

To further enhance the humor of the scene, Google decided to dull the creature’s face.

The tech giant usually does this with people to protect their privacy.

However, it seems like it took the extra step with this pooch to spare his blush.

Another replied matter-of-factly: “Well, he *** not on camera.”

A third introduced: “That’s right, poop is the only thing that can give you dignity these days.”

One viewer was more concerned about safety.

“Looks like a posh neighborhood with pit bulls from the leash in the front yard,” they wrote.